The Olympic Games Of The Olympics

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Armani Battle
English 4A- 4th Pd.
The History of the Olympics
Have you ever wondered where the Olympic Games started? No one ever talks about it but it’s pretty fascinating. People around the world don’t take the time out to do the research and well I 'm here to tell you. The Olympics are ranging from different sports around the world and they allow you at home to look at the success of other and root them along during the Olympic process. Other than that I 'm Armani Battle and here 's the history of the Olympic Games.
In the beginning of the Olympics , which was over 3,000 years ago it was created in the way of honoring the god Zeus.(history) The very first Olympic games didn’t happen until the 19th century which became the world’s most predominate sporting competition. The competition consisted of happening every four years which has continued up till today’s time. Before in the first Olympic Games which were held in Athens 1896 took as many as 280 competitors. In the beginning of the Olympics there was no such thing as the "Winter Olympic Games", it only consisted of the "Summer Olympic Games". Before today’s time only men could compete in the Olympics women couldn’t compete and the only way could was when they enter with their horses for certain events. It wasn’t until the 1900s where women could compete somewhat close to the men 's level in the competition. They got the five multicolored locked rings that symbolized the Olympics from representing the continents…
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