The Olympic Games Of The Olympics

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Armani Battle
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The History of the Olympics
Have you ever wondered where the Olympic Games started? No one ever talks about it but it’s pretty fascinating. People around the world don’t take the time out to do the research and well I 'm here to tell you. The Olympics are ranging from different sports around the world and they allow you at home to look at the success of other and root them along during the Olympic process. Other than that I 'm Armani Battle and here 's the history of the Olympic Games.
In the beginning of the Olympics , which was over 3,000 years ago it was created in the way of honoring the god Zeus.(history) The very first Olympic games didn’t happen until the 19th century which became the …show more content…

The flag they created was rose and presented in the Antwerp Games which was held in 1920. The Olympics took a great toll and became a very successful competition but it took a pause in the history until 2004. In 2004 when the Olympics came back to Athens, 11,000 competitors came to compete which was over 201 countries.
A man whom was born on Aug. 21st, 1986 from Jennifer and Wellesley Bolt named Usain Bolt. As a kid he spent his time playing cricket and football with his brother. He didn’t start his career of track and field until he enrolled into Waldensia Primary and soon after he enrolled into William Knibb Memorial High School. Usain Bolt became the world national record breaker known for track and field is one of the most successful athletes over the course of two years to compete and get better each time. Usain uses his height and his stride to demolish the records known to man in the 100 m dash and the 200 m dash. This all took place in Beijing 2008, which held over 10,000 participants in 302 events. Bolt came from Jamaica, which is where he set high times and became known for his great speed in Kingston, Jamaica. People began naming him as the new record beater after his ravishing time of 20.3 seconds at Catherine Hall. He then went a competed at the higher level and took home 4 gold medals from a meet held in the Bahamas. Usain Bolt has been known to have put so much dedication into track and field which led to his success in golds during the

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