The Omaha Platform

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The Omaha Platform was established because Southern and Midwestern farmers believed they were treated unfairly by the Democrats and the Republicans. The populists proposed a national currency, coinage of silver to gold at a ratio of sixteen to one, federal loans to farmers, graduated income tax, abolish national banks, government ownership of railroads, telephone and telegraph systems, prohibition of alien land ownership, a secret ballot system, civil service reform, immigration restriction, an eight-hour day, abolition of the Pinkerton system, the right of initiative and referendum, one term for the office of the President and Vice-President, and direct election of Senators. I view most of their proposals reasonable, except their demands on restricting immigration and prohibition of alien land ownership. American Exceptionalism says that it is our destiny to dominate this continent, but we have specific characteristics that differentiates us from Europeans. One is American freedom. At this time, the populists excluded immigrants or aliens, so I find these demands unreasonable. Their beliefs of “that the power of government—in other words, of the people—should be expanded,” …show more content…

Subsidies are given to farmers, the sixteenth amendment achieves graduated income tax, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation protects citizens’ money if the bank forecloses, the Chinese Exclusion Act was the first significant restriction on free immigration, the Adamson Act achieves an eight-hour workday, the seventeenth amendment achieves the direct election of senators, and the Massachusetts ballot achieves the secret ballot. The gold standard is abandoned, government ownership of railroads, telephone and telegraph systems isn’t resolved, and the president can have two four year terms in office. The significance of the Omaha Platform document was to “restore the government of the Republic to the hands of “the plain people,” with which class it

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