The On The Path Of Finding Ways That Alleviate Poverty Situation

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On the path of finding ways that alleviate poverty situation, Nguyen Lam Vien, also known as founder and current president holding biggest stock in Vinamit company; his beginning ideas was emerged from graduation project with topic in regard to jackfruit. Simultaneously, the food processing industry launched technology of vacuumed package that made company’s founder to invest on new products, dried jackfruit and banana. At first, the name of company was Duc Thanh and by the years of 1990s, it was renamed with Vinamit in which “Vina” is represented for Vietnam and “mit” is referred to the meaning of jackfruit. These types of products surprisingly were not aimed to be awaited for customers who will come to and try. The founder himself has brought samples of dried fruit to test on some markets in Taiwan and sell locally with customers as an alternative snack. Afterward, the surrounding market has spread out further for Vietnam dried fruit to be introduced with tropical fruit and embraced new clients who love to seek novel food. In this aspect, Vinamit literally put a notable switch on their investment plan and sell to various potential customers under the form of utilizing international strategies that go hand in hand with exporting market. II. Body 1. Strategy of operating dried fruit in domestic and abroad markets Ideally, firms like Vinamit should harmonize 3 of these essential determinants namely strategy, structure and staffing philosophy in order to stabilize

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