The Ongoing Trial of Human Trafficking Essay

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Human trafficking is not just a part of our history; it is continuously growing around the world today because of traffickers who are using it as an easy way to make a profit. Victims of human trafficking feel as if they have no way to escape because they have limited ways to survive or make a good enough living to support themselves along with their families outside of the sex industry. Women, children and even men are taken from time to time before they get the opportunity to receive little if any education, at all. Therefore, many who could’ve gotten out of the sex industry chose to stay out of fear of returning back home years later only to be discriminated against by their own families and communities, knowing getting a job would be …show more content…

Men, women and even children are being taken to trade as sexual exploitation every day. As a whole, we need to stand against traffickers and those who are involved. We need to execute a plan to eliminate trafficking, spread awareness and provide help for those who have been trafficked, to show them they do have a choice. While many believe the selling and trading of sex is only another job and therefore should be made legal and safe, others feel that even sex between consenting adults is wrong and exploitative. However, both sides agree that prostitution is equal to slavery when children and young people are involved because of how hazardous the work is and the fact they cannot give legal consent for themselves. Children around the world are being taken at all ages, most are unaware they are even in danger until it’s too late. A report from the Inter-Departmental Ministerial Group on human trafficking in 2011 found that 234 out of 946 potential victims were children. Kids outside of Amsterdam, as young as ten years old, can be trafficked to work long hours on farms as house girls or in local bars. This can often lead to prostitution. The boys who are taken tend herds of cattle for ten hour shifts, fed only one meal of maize porridge a day, not clothed properly and don’t get to attend school. (Shearlaw, Maeve). Unfortunately, human trafficking occurs worldwide and often involves transnational

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