How Is Winston Presented In The Book 1984

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1: the opening sentence of the book, (‘it was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.’) suggests that the type of place the narrator is describing is one that has a need for clocks hat everyone can hear. Seeing as the 24-hour clock is used, the reader can infer that the narrator is in a rather strictly organized place, maybe something military or government-controlled. 2a: From Winston Smith’s name, ‘Winston’ meaning ‘from a friendly country’ and ‘Smith’ being a common last name, I can definitely see a possible irony. His name, if you read into it, would suggest him to be an unremarkable man from a friendly country. In this book, however, Winston smith is a thought-criminal from one of the most ungoodwise countries you can imagine. 2b: Winston Churchill and Winston Smith are similar in many respects, as they both hail from Wartime England(though he England’s name changes to airstrip one in 1984), as well as the two of them were in positions to influence the public’s view of their reality. Both men try their best to make circumstances better, even if only temporarily. 2c: we also know that Winston smith is a middle-aged man, between thirty and forty. He works for the ministry of truth patching up old lies with new ones, and is relatively good at appearing orthodox and avoiding facecrime up until the time he meets Julia. That’s when he starts to break all the rules. 3: the party’s mottos are: WAR IS PEACE/FREEDOM IS SLAVERY/IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. The

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