The Organizational Culture Of Starbucks

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According to an article from Panmore Institute (2015) Starbucks has an organizational culture that relates with the organization's strategies for effective brand improvement and worldwide extension. Starbucks Coffee's organizational culture has various key qualities. The inclusion of these qualities is unique to the organization. The organization depicts its organizational culture as a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity. In such manner, the fundamental highlights of Starbucks' organizational culture are servant leadership (“employees first”); relationship-driven approach; collaboration and communication; openness; and inclusion and diversity.
Servant Leadership. Starbucks has a servant leadership approach, which fundamentally describes the organization's organizational culture. In this approach, leaders, supervisors and managers empower subordinates to guarantee that
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Starbucks also develops a friendly environment as part of its organizational culture. For instance, at Starbucks cafés, baristas show warm friendly bonds with each other, and this culture extends to how baristas treated customers also with warmth. As a result, Starbucks not only advances in its specialty coffee products but also in its organizational culture.
Collaboration and Communication. Another feature of Starbucks’ organizational culture is encouraging collaborative efforts through effective communication. This can be seen as baristas have to communicate and collaborate with each other to make order fulfillment efficient. Efficiency in business process is important to Starbucks because it presented a contribution to service quality, customer experience, and business cost-effectiveness.
Openness. A culture of openness was developed at Starbucks as another major characteristic to encourage employees to ask questions and communicate with their superiors more openly. By doing this, Starbucks creates a culture that empowers employees and facilitates
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