The Origin Of Life And Evolution

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The integration of reason and thought with the methodology of science in most human activities has enabled a great deal of scientific and technological advancements for humanity in the last centuries. On the contrary, even though it is nearly 150 years since the Origin of Species (Charles Darwin, 1859), it seems paradoxical that there are still a great significant amount of people who maintain an anti-darwian position on the origin of life and species. A poll done by Gallup Institute in 2004 showed that an approximate of 42% of Americans believe that humanity was created by God, 18% believe in an evolution directed by God, and only 26% of them support Darwin’s theory. In Great Britain, a survey performed by BBC to a 2000 people sample…show more content…
“The Origin of the Species” meant a drastic change to the participation of the Creator in the history of life. In his work “Natural Theology,” William Paley exposes his famous watchmaker analogy, which concludes that functional design of the living organisms was evidenced by the existence of an omniscient creator. Natural theology was considered the answer to questions about the genesis and the adaption of the species. The majority of naturalists at the time of Darwin accepted the explanation as well due to the complexity of the structures of organisms. Darwin, with the Origin, opens the naturalistic view of biology. Darwin 's natural selection stage introduces the "Blind Watchmaker" (Dawkins, 1986), which makes the hypothesis of God unnecessary. The evolution of life, like the Copernican revolution, had demonstrated to the universe does not require the intervention of God, but it is clarified that natural phenomena can occur from the laws and processes that occur in nature. The process of natural selection can explain the nature of biological organisms without the need to propose a supernatural intervention. Population thinking, speciation, natural selection, are concepts that explain the origin, diversification and adaptation of living beings. Darwin rejects the creation of life, the cosmic teleology, and
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