The Origin Of Sexism : The Social Problem Of Sexism

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Abstract. Sexism is synonymous to gender discrimination. It refers to the discrimination of persons basing on their gender. Sexism is based on traditional stereotypes and definitions of gender roles in the society which presumes that one gender is more superior to the other. It is an undisputable social problem which mostly affects women and girls, generally the female gender. The origin of sexism can be traced back in the 19th century in Egypt where women were not allowed to perform or engage in some activities. They were defined as inferior. It was also witnessed again in Rome. Sexism is largely a belief and not a policy. It tends to set boundaries and demarcations between the two genders, female and male, by stipulating what men and boys ought to do, and what women and girls should do. I the society, sexism is largely exercised against the female gender. It is set to retain the status quo of male chauvinism and dominance over the female gender. It tends to pin down the female gender in education, economic issues as well as social and political affairs. The definition of female gender as a lesser being is not based on facts but just stereotypes which the society has escalated to a higher level resulting in gender inequality (Tepperman, L., & Curtis).

Social Problem of Sexism
Sexism still remains a social problem

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