The Original Dixieland Jazz Band Influence

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The Original Dixieland Jazz Band Influence The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, although not the first of many jazz musicians, made a big impact on jazz community by popularizing the culture of jazz throughout the nation. They consisted of five members from New Orleans: Nick LaRocca, leader and cornet; Larry Shields, clarinet; Tony Sbarbaro, drums; Eddie Edwards, trombone; and Henry Ragas (replaced by Russel Robinson), piano. The grouped gained popularity around the 1910s-20s. They gained popularity after traveling to New York and signing up with Victor Records. The Original Dixieland Jazz Band became a catalyst for jazz music by creating the first recordings, popularizing the jazz genre, stirring up a "jazz craze" and thus making much recognition for its style and sound that offset a number of bands to follow in their footsteps. In 1916, ODJB assembled in New Orleans, and moved to Chicago on a mission to spread New Orleans jazz. They were a hit and attracted an agent who booked them a show in New York. From there on, they booked many shows and created the first jazz recordings in the nation. It was because of them that many people across the states could hear jazz. It’s unquestionable that ODJB became widely influential and created a big step towards popularizing the jazz genre. One of their most enthusiastic members; Nick LaRocca, acknowledged that they deserved recognition for being the first to record commercially and for establishing jazz as a genre. ODJB couldn’t have

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