Mississippi History and the Delta Blues Essay

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Mississippi history is a sad history of slavery and oppression. It is a history of racism and refusal to let go of segregationist ideals. Mississippi history is enough to give many the blues. In fact, the Blues style music originated in Mississippi and gravitated outward from there. .Mississippi history and Blues history are intertwined. Delta Blues is a blues style that originated in the Mississippi Delta and influenced many musicians. Another musical art form, Jazz may be considered an offspring from the Blues and also started in the South. There are many Blues musicians and singers that come from Mississippi or have become linked to Mississippi for various reasons. Bessie Smith, Charley Patton, Muddy Waters, and Cassandra Wilson have…show more content…
Smith was unlucky in her marriage but found a stable relationship with Richard Morgan with whom she was traveling when she died in a car accident in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Charley Patton is known as the father of the delta Blue. His official year of birth is unknown but is speculated to be between 1887, 1891. He wasn’t born in the Mississippi Delta however, his family moved there and he spent much of his life there. I believe his Blues came from the fact he was of mixed heritage having black, Cherokee Nation and certainly not in the dominant whit culture. His family moved to the Dockery Plantation which was renowned for its favorable treatment of it sharecroppers and lenience on the musical indulgences of its residents. At the Dockery Plantation, Patton and other gave birth to the Delta Blues. He learned from a man named Henry Sloan who played what is viewed as an early Blues style. He influenced many other artists at the Dockery plantation including younger protégé‘s like Robert Johnson and Howling Wolf. Although Patton as of diminutive stature, he had a gritty, growly voice of a much bigger man which is said to have influenced the distinctive raspy voice of Wolf.

The moniker “Muddy Waters” was given to him by his grandmother who was observed that he loved playing in the less than clear water of the creek near their home. He was influenced early by Robert Johnson. As
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