The Origins Of The Settlers From England

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The settlers from England came to the new world searching for religious freedom and a peaceful government. Later their faith becomes the significant guide to their success, which seemed to play a huge part in moving forward with their lives. Historians have identified a high increase of religious energy in the colonies after the year 1700. Their religion was on the increase rather than the decrease, another’s see a rising vitality in religious life from 1700 and a third of them find religion in many parts of the colonies in a state of intense growth. Most religions started between the years 1700 and 1740; it then changes in the near mid-century when the country experienced its first major religious recovery. Such as the Great Awakening,…show more content…
Most are evangelical preachers during the Great Awakening; Edwards employed the fear of divine punishment to bring his audiences to repentance. However, it is a preference of him and his colleagues’ messages that the characters dismiss them as ordinary preachers. He influenced the religion of faith in God by believing the force of speaking figuratively. “It is true that judgment against your evil works has not been executed…floods of God 's vengeance have…your guilt in the meantime is constantly increasing, and you are every day treasuring up more wrath; the waters are continually rising and waxing…pleasure of God that holds the waters back that are unwilling to be stopped and press hard to go forward” (287). Therefore, the inspiring Thomas Paine became more rational because he was a great leader who did not bother with having experiences and alternatives for success. Paine states “When he [Paine] first came to American in 1774, [he] was an impoverished Englishman whose life had been a series of failures… later he was the most famous and powerful voice of revolution in America” (467). Paine often argues that man is a rational animal who will naturally pursue his own self-interest. According to Paine, a political radical, “Society is produced by our wants, and government by our
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