The Otaku : Popular Culture And Pop Culture

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For those believing that this means revering the otaku lifestyle as the next evolutionary line of Japanese society, a clarification may be need. An otaku, as westerners may have heard its usage, is a person who spend most of their time at home remaining socially inactive in favor of interacting with pop culture like anime, manga, video games and collectibles. The stereotype is very similar to the American comic book or figurine collector. Unlike its American counterpart who is defined by what they collect or play, an otaku is more of an umbrella term for all people who are uncongenially reclusive. Otaku’s original meaning that is still used in different contexts is an honorific term for someone else’s home. Thus, otaku in the derogatory …show more content…

The phrase began as a marketing expression but slowly started to refer to the entire “feminine” side of Japanese pop culture. The production of Onmyōji and other Abeno Seimei content is the epitome of “girls content”. Still, girls content is not a perfect reflection of otaku as the stigma against women’s consumption of pop culture seems to be considerable less in some respects. If women are not blatant counterculture fujoshi, not too many eyebrows are raised about women engaging in pop culture. This may be due to the remnants of pre-war Neo-Confucianism that dictated that Japanese men be the head of the household as well as social breadwinners. The ideal woman, on the other hand, only attended to matters of the home. Even now, it is deemed strange and against the cultural grain when a “otaku” man decides to spend most of his time at home.
Thus, rendering fanbases to a handful of stereotypes prevents a full understanding of Shinto in pop culture cults, and by extension undermines the Shinto rituals the fandoms engage in. An average Shinto worshipper goes to shrine to pray to the shrine’s kami and donate to the shrine’s upkeep be it directly or through the purchase of charms. Fans act similarly by traveling to pay their respects to the series and buying merchandise to support not only the series but also the related shrine and the surrounding community. It is understandable if writing wishes on ema plaques for the continuation of a series and buying omamori

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