The Other America Poverty Analysis

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Poverty is all around us, although many people when asked to define it cannot because they do not have a complete understanding of what it means. In his novel, The Other America: Poverty in the United States, Michael Harrington discusses how poverty is not well known by people who have not experienced it first hand. He writes; “Poverty is often off the beaten track. It always has been. The ordinary tourist never left the main highway, and today he rides interstate turnpikes. He does not go into the valleys of Pennsylvania where the towns look like movie sets of Wales in the thirties…” (3). What Harrington is saying is that people tend to purposely stay away from poverty even though they are not sure they know what it means. If so many people are affected by this nightmare, why does no one who has all these opportunities try to fix anything? Poverty needs to be studied and solved because it affects health, education, and social skills.
People who live in poverty are more likely to have bad health than people with a higher income and better state of living. Claire Conway, from the University of California San Francisco, wrote in her article “Poor Health: When Poverty Becomes a Disease”; that “Research forges a solid, convincing link between low socioeconomic status and bad health. Yet understanding how and why people in poverty are statistically at greater risk for disease is more complex”. Many scientists and researchers say that low income and poor housing can lead to an

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