The Other Biological Aspect Of My Identity

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The other biological aspect of my identity is that I am a cisgendered female. What this means is that I identify with the sex I was assigned at birth. I am a female, because of my biology. Cisgender is dominant over transgender, and I feel like this put me at an advantage. People who are transgendered have to struggle with issues that I’ve never had to think about, like being born into the wrong sex. As a cisgender person, people always use to correct pronouns when addressing me. I’ve never had to think about my sex or even be confused about it; I’ve just always known it. I know what is the proper bathroom to use and never get questioned for it. I’ve never had to make an effort to appear female. An article on gender presentation from Sjwiki, explains that: “because most people do indeed diagnose gender based on external appearance, many people, especially those who are misgendered often, make a conscious or subconscious effort to align their external appearance with that which will allow them to pass as the gender they identify as” (‘Gender Presentation, Sjwiki). I as a cisgender female have never had to worry about displaying myself as female.
I was born female, and I know that I am female. I identify as a female, but I present myself as androgynous. This is a part of my gender presentation, I do not present as dominantly feminine or dominantly masculine, I fall somewhere in the middle. I prefer to wear jeans to dresses and skirts, but I also like to wake up in the

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