The Other Wes Moore Analysis

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In the novel The Other Wes Moore, the author Wes Moore talks about his life experiences as well as the experiences of another Wes Moore. Both grew up near each other and have the same name, but could not have had any more different lives. The author goes to college and graduates from Oxford and currently works at the white house, meanwhile his counterpart is serving life in prison for drugs and murder. The main goal behind this novel is to illustrate how different environments can drastically change a person’s life. In sociology this is called Socialization, a process where an individual acquires an identity that is appropriate to their social position. In a time where race and class equality is as conflicted as ever, this novel contains themes that produce these situations and ways to end them. In the past few months there have been numerous events where clashes between white supremacists and African Americans have had conflict. In addition to that there has been a recent rise in Black Lives Matter protests across America. A few of these riots occurred in Baltimore, which was the setting of The Other Wes Moore. As a political science major, I wanted to know why this was happening and what could have caused it. The novel helped show some of the problems that I believe contributed to these conflicts. One of the largest problems facing inner city African Americans is lack of education. In the novel, the author was fortunate enough to make it to a private school which

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