The Others Had Just Left, Headed Home For The Night, But

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The others had just left, headed home for the night, but Leland elected to stay and spend the evening with Phillip, Claire, and Nora at Nora’s Grandma Helen’s place. Given his insight into the volunteers’ facilities, he had felt it essential to be able to help answer any of Phillip’s questions that might arise as his mind came to grips with being cast into this strange new world. And, he was right, because once Phillip finished bringing up all the pizza in which he’d been warned several times to take it easy on—after that being his third bout of nausea for the day, his feeling somewhat better came with a litany of new questions for Leland and his friends. But as Phillip further pursued his quest for answers, it wasn’t Leland who …show more content…

She had buried the current life-expectancy age of sixty-two in the rearview mirror long ago. In fact, she was the old living person in their town, Nora told Phillip seeming a bit proud… one of the oldest living souls in the country, really. It was a feat to be astonished of for sure in the post nuclear war era they lived in. An era where—especially at the beginning of Grandma Helen’s life—was chalk full of pollution and radiation poisoning from the spent ordinance. The years right after the great wars took many, very young, Nora told Phillip. But, she said that her great grandmother liked to accredit her longevity to her diet which mostly consisted mostly of rice, sweet potatoes, green vegetables, and beans. And also to the fact that her home resided in the State of Wyoming which thankfully ended up being many hundreds of miles from where even the nearest of fighting or detonations took place. But, she does freely admits that a fair bit of luck with her health never hurt either. Eventually, at her own pace, Grandma Helen had returned to the living room where by then everyone had already gathered around the fireplace. She was now holding a silver tray with a myriad of ceramic mugs resting comfortably atop it and a steaming pot of coco which stood towering at its center. Boyd

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