The Ottoman And The Aztec Empire

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Comparative Essay The post-classical era in history (600CE- 1250CE) saw the rise and fall of many great empires. In the early part of the era, the Islamic Caliphates acted as a core region in the Middle East, heavily influencing the region around them. On the other side of the world, the Aztec Empire rose to power in the later part of the era with minimal trans-regional influence. Although on different sides of the world, both empires found similar ways to adapt to their diverse environments. In the post-classical era, the rise of the Islamic Caliphates and the Aztec Empire were similar in that they established cohesion through their respective cultures and used military conquest to come to power. Although there are similarities in the rise of power in the Caliphates and the Aztec Empire, there is a difference in the speed of expansion given that the Caliphates were located in a central trading region while the Aztec Empire was not.

Both the Caliphates and the Aztec Empire show a similarity in how each used their cultures to achieve cohesion among their respective empires. In the Caliphates, Islamic culture helped unite the population while Aztec ritualistic culture unified the ethnically diverse peoples of the Aztec Empire. Islamic culture unified much of the region under Umayyad and Abbasid rule. As Islamic merchants and missionaries spread Islam to the people, forms of Islamic culture spread with them. Islamic art, sciences, maths, medicine, architecture, Islamic

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