The Outsider In Othello

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Due to Othello’s heroic qualities and military proficiency, he was partially accepted into the Venetian society. A colored man who has traveled the world and have been through many battles earned the title as the military commander of the Venetian military. Although he is accepted into the Venetian society, his status is pretty complicated to say the lease as he is looked at as both an insider and outsider. Othello unintentionally puts himself into a position where he was standing out more than an outsider should, causing others to be jealous and despise him, as it lead him to his downfall.
As tough as Othello is shown to be, he should also be to blame for his downfall due to his own sense of insecurity. His inability to be able to control …show more content…

It is obvious to him that he is a man of color in a society that is dominated by White people who prides themselves on money and title. Iago capitalizes on this as he is constantly referring Othello’s blackness through animalistic imagery that degrades Othello as a person. Not only does Othello acknowledges his status as an outsider he often times struggles to come to terms with the fact that he cannot do anything about it. One thing that Othello tries to do is ensure himself that his own beliefs will help him overcome what the people of Venetian think of him; “Not I; I must be found. /My parts, my title, and my perfect soul /Shall manifest me rightly. Is it they? (Act I.ii.30/32).” Othello’s is always putting his “trust” in everyone which is a reflection of his belief that the best way to help overcome discrimination is to let his actions define who he is, not his skin color. Although he tries his best to fit in, the reality is that Othello knows that he can only do so much because he is an outsider to the Venetian society. The fact of the matter is that he is a colored soldier in a society defined by wealth and title, as White people dominate

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