The Over Baked Marijuana Debate

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The Over Baked Marijuana Debate
Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, “That is not a drug. It’s a leaf.” The leaf he was referring to is marijuana. Skeptics view marijuana as a hazard to society and the well-being of our country’s people. Although, for others it is a solution to their disease. This kind of marijuana is medical marijuana, and it has the ability to provide relief to many, if only it was fully supported.
However, there are many debates over whether or not medical marijuana should be legalized. Essentially, marijuana is a plant with leaves like any other plant (Blachford 267). What sets it apart is tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. This component is responsible for the psychological effects of marijuana (Gerdes 89). An initial evaluation of its usefulness earns marijuana to be classified as a schedule I drug, meaning there is no valued medical use and it’s highly abusive (Dresser web). Although, in the past, the Food and Drug Administration allowed AID patients to use it because it was their last hope (Stempsey web). Then in 1937, marijuana was made completely illegal. Illegalization of the substance was enacted by the Marijuana Tax Act, which also made marijuana for medical purposes illegal (Blachford 265). Some states in 1996 tried to combat its illegal status by proposing propositions to allow prescribed marijuana usage, but it was denied (Dresser web). Eventually, by 2009, fourteen states made medical marijuana acceptable, and currently, in 2014,

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