The P5 + 1 Agreement With Iran

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Jonathan Conlin
Dr. Currie
American National Government
19 September 2015
An Atrocity of a Deal: The P5+1 Agreement with Iran The P5+1 Agreement, an agreement struck between Iran, China, Russia, France, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and the European Union. But, why, and what does this deal place on Iran, that can limit their nuclear abilities, as displayed in the past. The deal brings forth rather easy sanctions relief for Iran, limits uranium enrichment to a certain extent where Iran can still produce nuclear weaponry, and reduces the enriched uranium stockpile that can be sold for more natural uranium which can be used to produce more enriched uranium with its ability to still develop advanced centrifuges. The issues lies within the broad and quite loosely held terms of this agreement. Knowing the terms of this agreement, the expected “result of these provisions, this deal will actually shorten the time to an Iranian nuclear bomb and allow Iran to produce more nuclear bombs than it currently can construct using enriched uranium and plutonium fuel” stated Fred Fleitz from Fox News. The agreement puts the citizens of many countries at high risk, and the evidence of this is incontrovertible, as Iran has access to things that were previously denied of access. The question to ask is, should the senate support this agreement? Sanction relief is the last thing Iran needs if the United States and the rest of the countries are going to limit the proliferation of

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