Essay on The Great Depression

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The Great Depression
"In other periods of depression, it has always been possible to see some things which were solid and upon which you could base hope... but as I look around about, I now see nothing to give ground to hope.” This great quote was made by former president, Coolidge. In the great depression people in cities and towns already lost too many jobs. Farmers struggles have already been happening since the 1920s, and farmers tried to do anything to save their farms. However, farmers may have been better off than city folk. The government tried to pitch in multiple times, but did not succeed as people hoped. After the great depression, people were all shaken up and scared. Also Hoover, was not very much liked during this time …show more content…

After the WW1, land prices and food dropped so low it was hard to make little to any money at all. Many farmers had a hard time paying off debts, taxes, and living expenses. To make times even tougher, 167 banks closed in 1920 and 505 in 1921. Prices of corn dropped to 8 to 10 cents a bushel. Often the countryside smelled of popcorn, because instead oil or wood farmers used corn. Farmers led many events to save themselves and other farmers. Such examples of this would be the Cow War, Farmers Holiday Association in Des Moines. Le Mars in 1931. The Cow War was not really a war at all. Vets from ISU would come to farmer’s barns at check their cows for tuberculosis. Some farmers thought the vets were kind of shady though. They thought they were making deals with meat packer in Chicago. They thought the vets would send healthy cows to chicago, and the meat packers would send a little extra money back to the vets. Some farmers hanged an ISU dummy to protest the testing. The farmers were desperate and outraged. On many occasions, large groups of farmers showed up on a farm, and prevented the vets to the tuberculosis test. The high point of the Cow War was in Tipton in 1931. Farmers attacked state vets, but the very next day the government bought it in the National Guard to end the protest. In 1932, farmers organized the Farmers Holiday Association. The president of this association was Milo Reno of Iowa. Farmers prevented other farmers from selling their product

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