The Partition Of The India

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Partition Novel: The partition novel is official histories of Pakistan sub scribe to the two nation theory and argues that the Pakistan nation was the inevitable crystallization of the desire of the muslims of the Indian subcontinent to remain a distinctive community, separate from the Hindu population around them. Indian was partitioned on a two nation theory and despite the best efforts of Mahatma Gandhi and others of his ilk, It could not be averted. Now it is time to assess whether India has lived up to the vision of Mahatma Gandhi and Pakistan of mohd Ali Jinnah. The partition of the country, as envisioned by Jinnah and Gandhi, was not a division in a family between two brothers, it turned out to be a division between two enimiesand the enmity so born then continuity to plague the two nations even today and appears to be unending. Alan Campbell Johnson in the early 1950 and Philip zeigler in the mid 1980, down to stanlay wolver in 2006. The most recent attack on mount batten has been mounted by sir standly wolver in shameful flight. The last years of the British empire in India. Another theory advanced with great persuasion by Narendra Singh sarilla, clamis that there was a crucial link between India’s partition and British fears about the USSR gaining control of the oil fields of the Middle East. In Other words it was important to partition India to safeguard and consolidate British strategic interests in the Middle East. The British Historian Nicholas

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