The Passage Of Time Has Resulted On National And International Policy

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The passage of time has resulted in numerous political parties around the world that deliberate on national and international policy. These parties prioritize certain issues over others resulting in the multitude of party platforms such as Green, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, etc. that are seen in governments. Some of these parties are tactically suited to maintaining their original stance with issues that have come up over time. For example, the green parties which have gained relevance concurrently with environmental issues seem to maintain a fairly steady political stance. Other parties, however, have long histories of voting and precedence in government that have sustained over centuries such as conservative and liberal parties. …show more content…

This hypothesis is that of national location. The philosophy behind this political positioning suggests that in an issue such as European integration there will be more variation seen in countries that have more diverse social and economic factors involved in policy making. The article suggests that with this hypothesis that issues will be decided on by parties potentially depending on what is in the best interest at tat time based on the national feeling that is present in their respective countries. This hypothesis is certainly well-founded in the idea of European integration as if national interests are largely in favor of integration it stands to follow that parties and policy would likewise be in favor.
Still, the next hypothesis that is given, the median supporter, also makes sense for parties and shifting stances. In this parties would generally change their stances just enough to create the most potential to gather a maximum amount of votes. This would allow parties in the case of European integration to stick safely to the ideals of their average voter which would potentially allow for the most representatively accurate ideas to take force. This meaning that if this hypothesis were correct political parties would correspondingly move towards integration with their average voters’ perspective in mind so as to appeal to the most voters as possible.
Finally, the last alternative hypothesis presented in the article took the stance of parties going one of

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