The Passing Down of a Tribe's Ancient Legends Essay

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The Passing Down of a Tribe's Ancient Legends Thesis: The Shaman’s job of passing down the tribe’s ancient legends are very important. I Shamans A. definition B. purpose 1. balance 2. success hunting 3. planting 4. cure sickness C. Usually males 1. post menopausal women 2. blood powers II passed down from generation to generation A. usually from memory 1. sand drawings 2. birch bark scrolls 3. paintings on rocks 4. animal hides B. children 1. eight-familiar stories 2. ten- know history III answer basic questions A. where do we come from B. where are we going C. how the world came into being D. how it was transformed E. guidelines of behavior F. tools of survival IV unknown how long been around A. possible…show more content…
flung flesh H. tribes sprung up I. blood- Nez Perce XV Wappo Legend A. flooded earth B. hawk and coyote alone C. create people from feathers D. ask Old man moon 1. talk 2. movement 3. laughter 4. walk eat XVI Tsimshian A. raven pities dark world B. transformed to a cedar leaf C. dropped in stream D. swallowed by chief’s daughter E. gave birth to raven F. played with the box that held daylight G. stole it and flew to earth H. smashed it on rocks XVII Enlightenment of the sky A. Zuni 1. Mother and father earth in primordial waters 2. Mother grew pregnant 3. Slipped beneath B. Luiseno 1. short dialogue 2. made love XVIII Okanagon A. Earth a woman B. Mother of all people C. Flesh- soil D. Bones- rocks E. Breath- wind F. Hair- plants G. Movements- earthquakes XIX Wichita A. Star that is always moving B. Shoot third deer C. First-white D. Second- black E. Chased it in the sky F. Stars G. Finally catches world ends XX Pawnee A. Buffalo B. Hair falls each year C. All gone the end of the world XXI Pawnee A. Council meeting B. Wolf not invited C. Stole storm’s wind bag D. People killed the wolf E. Wolf people XXII Closing Shaman is a word that described the mystic healers of Siberia. They are also one of the names that French trappers named the Native American "doctors", along with medicine men and priests (Flaherty 15). Shamans are usually males, but sometimes they are postmenopausal females. The Native

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