The Lost Tribe Essay

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Thereasa Wilson
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February 29, 2012
The Lost Tribe Do peace, unity, and equality still exist this day in time among groups of people? Are we influenced by our environment to associate our way of seeing things and create language based on that fact? How we view the environment around us helps shape our understanding by creating language to give it meaning. Based on the linguistic data of the recently discovered tribe, we can draw conclusions about the tribe’s climate and terrain, diet, views on family and children, system of government and attitude towards war. This data shows that the lost tribe was an isolated group that lived in a valley, coexisted in unison, valued life, had high regards for
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As suggested earlier, small bodies of water that may have been present provided the tribe a source of drinking water. Since they have terms for cow, pig, calf, and sheep but no terms for beef, pork, veal, leather, or mutton, it is most likely that the tribe did not slaughter these animals for food or clothing. The tribe lived among these animals, and one might assume they valued them as living creatures. Based on the focus on grains, one might also assume that they are vegetarians based on the provided data; however, while they did not eat red meat, the possible presence of rivers and lakes suggests the availability of fresh water fish.
The lost tribe’s views on family and children show their value of them. The linguistic evidence for the terms describing woman meaning the same as mother and wife and man meaning husband and father suggests that the tribe were family oriented and had relationships.

One might also conclude that men and women had specific roles in society. There is gender and social equality amongst the tribe. The word for sex translating to plant a wise one indicates that they valued the creation of life. The lost tribe focused on conception of life as opposed to the actual sexual pleasure. The lost tribe appears to have had a significant value on children. They had several words for children which possibly meant the seven stages of life beginning from conception up to the age of puberty. Only having one meaning for the stages of

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