The Path Of Human Evolution Was Always Been Full Of Challenges.

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The path of human evolution was always been full of challenges. However, unlike other species on the planet man 's evolutionary progression is predominantly social. Changes that human opted for are not that of adding body parts to better survive and to improve themselves. Man preferred the psycho '" social path of growth and development. It was his way not to simply be subservient to the forces of nature in terms of providing him the basis for advancement as a species. On the contrary, the human race directed the course of its own evolution. This covers an active and effortful development by instilling things that are progressive and suppressing opposing tendencies. The effort to mold humans into a more evolved and more advanced…show more content…
The idea of crime and punishment as well as an action and communal response have been conditioned into the human consciousness that human behavior has this as an integral component. On the social level, this leads to the creation of an environment wherein individuals may pursue holistic development and coexist with others. This is the fundamental reason by other creatures; especially predatory kinds do not have society and civilization. Furthermore, human history clearly establishes that the human race constantly socially engineers itself to attain almost everything. Other species do not actively preserve the environment. However, the human race 's idea is that such act of preservation is essential for his survival. It can be conceded that this is the result of environmental abuse that man caused but the same can be said of other species when they devastate their own habitat.This establishes that the sum of human civilizations, current attributes as well as achievements are evolutionary developments brought about by social engineering. And this will continue so long as the human race exists In the "Green Engineering" segment, we have highlighted the following as promising career opportunities. Profession 1: Environmental Engineers Environmental Engineers are expected to enjoy the Golden Time over the next 10 to 20 years, those who had a vision
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