The Patient 's Current Health Condition

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Even if the provider lacks the necessary financial means to continue patient care, they are still responsible for finding a suitable referral physician for the patient. The physician is instructed with the task of monitoring the health of the patient either directly through patient exams or indirectly through patient charts sent over from the referral physician. Continuously tracking the patient’s current health condition is a critical aspect to providing exceptional care. In some cases, a referral may be unbeneficial for the patient because medical fees are higher in some facilities. Any initial efforts of maintaining patient health would be futile if the patient declines further care to avoid potential accumulation of medical debt. The…show more content…
Although the provider possessed good intentions by lessening the patient’s financial burden, the provider could be charged with falsified insurance claims and be subjected to a thorough investigation of the practice. As a consequence, the provider along with medical staff could possibly acquire a criminal record or their medical license revoked depending on the severity of the case. If evidence reveals that the patient was knowingly permitting the manipulation of insurance claims and payment, the insurance company has the right to sue the patient. An honest implementation of exam fees is an important factor in maintaining a good legal standing. Despite regulations in place to prevent unlawful activity in the medical setting, bending the rules is inevitable specifically in cases where the cost of treatment is exceedingly high or insurance policies are unreasonably stingy. Medical advancements have led to a vast array of new equipment, techniques, and prescriptions designed to increase patient health, but they have also heightened exam costs. Insurance companies are notorious for thinking in their own best interests instead of the insured by charging high premiums on basic coverage. The increasing cost of healthcare and insurance policies along with the recession in America forces patients to self-diagnosis and self-treat their illness. During the times they seek medical attention, they could refuse
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