The Patterns Of Teen Drug Abuse

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A pattern that we’ve seen erupt over the last couple of years is the habit of teenagers and young adults falling prey to party drugs, there's been a sense of normalcy placed along with a pill popping culture, you'll notice rappers almost romanticizing and influencing teenagers into experimenting with prescription drugs. What most people don't take into consideration before consuming these drugs is that most prescription opioids have addictive side effects, that when taken in long term or copious amounts can cause the user to experience withdrawals and ultimately draw them back in a continuous cycle. Most would say, why can't they just not take the drugs? Or claim it was the users fault because they know better. While they are not entirely right, it's not wrong either. Research shows that a large majority of teens will find themselves in a position where they will be offered drugs before the age of 14 at a party, this decision will ultimately affect their life in the long run, be it becoming a social outcast from their peers for not trying these drugs, or taking them and developing an addiction that will surely harm their bodies before they’ve truly became adults.
Teen drug overdose is an issue that dates back over multiple generations, with each finding their own ways to get recreational highs. However, there was a significant increase in death from years 1999 to 2007 within age groups 15-19(1). As time goes on, higher percentages of teens experiment with different types of

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