The Perfect Utopia Will Never Be A Reality

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Anderson: I feel that whatever society does will never be enough. People will never be happy, they always will have a greed for more and more. So the perfect utopia will never be a reality. I think this discussion has helped us to think about what we need to change, to even have a hope of a good future. The last thing we would want is for society to end up completely like the dystopian books the three of you wrote.
Second Annual Summit on the Future (Just as Atwood, Huxley, Callenbach, Frankl, Wilson, and Freud get up to leave, a whole new group of authors walk through the library doors.)
Anderson: It looks as if more authors have graced us with their presence to warn us about something else we need to fix about today’s society. Thank you so much Atwood, Huxley, Frankl, Wilson, and Freud for your views and have a safe trip back to wherever you might be going. Welcome Foucault, Orwell, Andreas, Burgess, and Rorty. I have noticed that all of your book contain common themes. Some of those themes include forms of discipline and punishment, control of power, and war. That being said who wants to start of the discussion?
Foucault: I guess I will start. I think when talking about these topics in relation to the modern society it is important to understand the history of punishment and discipline. Throughout history there has been a shift on the focus from the body to the soul. In the past society focused on punishment through the methods of torture and pain. The fear

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