The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

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Bea Montilla Mrs. Hallstrom English Honors, Period 6 8 May 2016 The Perks of a Postmodern Zeitgeist “’He’s a wallflower…. [He sees] things. [He keeps] quiet about them. And [he understands]’” (Chbosky 37). The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky, revolves around the life of Charlie, a socially awkward wallflower. This epistolary drama captures the zeitgeist of postmodern teenagers as Chbosky encourages readers to follow Charlie in a series of rollercoasters; going up and down as he transitions to high school and becomes an adolescent. With the help of his best friends Sam and Patrick, Charlie gains a better understanding of the people around him as he observes life from the sidelines. He learns from his friends and they influence him to participate in activities, may it be good, or bad. Charlie’s experiences throughout the book shows Chbosky’s portrayal of postmodern adolescence, development, and pop culture. As teenagers go through puberty, they tend to feel emotions such as stress, and sorrow. Effects of these events might guide one to start smoking. “Smoking among youths in the United States rose precipitously starting in 1992 after declining for the previous 15 years (Francis). In the 90s, smoking started to become popular among teenagers, giving Chbosky the idea of adding this element in accompany to the environment that surrounds Charlie. In many occasions throughout the novel, Charlie’s friends could be seen smoking or carrying cigarettes, causing

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