The Persian Empire : History

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The Persian Empire

Dominance: 522 BC - 486 BC
Existence: 559 BC - 330 BC
Fall: Around 330 BC The Persian Empire, also known as the Achaemenid Empire, ruled from 559 BC to 330 BC. Spanning from Egypt to Turkey, the Persian Empire was the largest that the ancient world had seen. The reason that the Persian Empire was featured in Amy Chua’s book was not only because it was the first great leadership that the word has seen, but also because of its sheer size. Today it is still one of the biggest Empires to ever exist. The Persian Empire had a huge influence on the world 's grasp of economics, agriculture, religion and society in general.
The Persian Empire contained a vast variety of cultural diversities, religions, and later on, after the Empire fell, it became the source of where learning and cultures spread. Today, it’s cultures even form the basis of many modern religions. I think that the basis that the Persian Empire formed on helped contribute to the strength the Empire ended up having. Because Cyrus the Great tolerated other religions and cultures, people were sort of chill about him having rule over them. Amy Chua mentions in her book that “The Persians incorporated within their realm unprecedentedly large numbers of diverse peoples.” So the Persians fit in with the diverse group, and adapted in the process of doing so. Instead of making the conquered people change to worship the Persians gods, and change to the Persian culture, Cyrus the Great let them worship…
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