The Persian Empire : The Most Major Characteristics Of The Persian Empire

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Michael Wulf The Persian Empire was one of the most powerful ancient civilizations known to man. It could have been found just east of the Fertile Crescent in what is now called Iran. The Empire was part of a large series of dynasties that were based in Iran. The first of which was the Achaemenid Empire which was ruled by Cyrus the Great in the year 550 B.C. This was one of the biggest empires in history, covering over three million miles. Years after Cyrus’s reign ended a man by the name of Darius took power. Darius and his sons ruled Persia from 522 B.C until 334 B.C. This Empire controlled much of the world up until it, and most civilizations, were conquered by Alexander the Great. This empire was in the same time period as the Greeks, and before the Roman Empire. Though the Persian Empire was powerful they were defeated in many battles over Peloponnesus and eventually conquered. Though the Persian Empire is usually overlooked by Greek and Roman history, this civilization thrived in the middle eastern part of the world and showed greatness in all four characteristics of civilization. They had astounding art, powerful government, intellectual science, and intricate religion. One of the main characteristics of a civilization is government. To be considered a civilization there has to be a governing body, something that keeps that group of people from chaos. In the Persian Empire the governing body was that of a monarchy. Ruling was based on diplomacy and tolerance “In

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