Essay on The Persistence of the Legend of a Diety

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They come in many forms, and each has their own desires, but they are all worshiped. They seek to be praised, to set examples, to make rules, to help, to be entertained, to be loved, to be feared, to kill, and to protect. Millions of people live everyday life in accordance with the divine whims of their god(s), whose existence can be neither substantiated nor invalidated. This legend of deity has laughed in the face of time itself, and consumed the lives of billions, but why do so many people believe it? This legend may be held so strongly because people are primed to accept, it satisfies the needs of the community, and it compliments the wishes of so many. God(s), and surrounding religions, have been passed down from preceding …show more content…

Human beings also tend to have an insatiable urge to understand and explain things that occur around them and the unanswerable questions of life. Some of the biggest questions are answered by the existence of god(s), such as how life came to be, what the purpose of life is, and what morals are the right ones. Because of it's explanatory power, people can be predisposed to believe this legend rather than continue without answers. In addition to predisposition, there are many wants and needs fulfilled by this legend that may lead to so many believing it. Some needs may be met by believing in this legend as well, such as the need to survive, for companionship, or for security. Many psychologists hypothesize that religions surrounding the belief in deities aided in survival. The idea behind this is that a larger society was in less danger of being wiped out and a common religion allowed many people to live together peacefully. An article from the Monitor on psychology, by Beth Azar, suggests that “Religion is one of the big ways that human societies have hit on as a solution to induce unrelated individuals to be nice to each other,”(p.52) In other words, defeating outside dangers would not do much good if you had to worry about your society knocking itself off the grid. Religions can also provide a social life by allowing people of a common religion to be connected and have a sense of belonging. The presence

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