The Personal Development Of Nathan's Psychoanalytic Theory

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According to Freud’s Psychoanalytical theory, the ego serves as a balancing force between the id and super ego. The healthy development of each of these components relies on having positive interaction with one’s parents throughout the first years of life. If a child grows up in a chaotic home, it is likely that their development, according to the Psychoanalytic theory, will suffer. Nathan’s upbringing was filled with turbulence and instability as a result of his parents abusive relationship and mother’s mental illness. Freud’s theory notes that the id is the first to develop and represents the impulsive and instinctual portion of the unconscious mind. As the child progresses through their development, their ego and, subsequently, super …show more content…

Erik and Nathan were friends in high school; they played in a garage band together, had frost-tipped hair and grungy plaid pullovers—seemingly average boys from the early-90s. Erik’s parents are what Erik described as “damned-near perfect.” His mother seems to fit a type that is caring, appropriately-concerned, and loving of Erik’s artistic and post-pubescent expressions. His father is similarly supportive. Erik’s mother remembers Nathan as a nice, well-behaved kid. She had mild intuitions around some troubling behavior: in particular, phone calls to his mother during stay-overs that, at times, lasted more than an hour, or his parent’s hot and cold feelings of his being in the band. It seemed to express, to her, helicopter parenting bordering on problematic. Erik’s family responded to what they knew of Nathan’s situation with appropriate concern and action. His mother made attempts to reach out to social services, once aware of possible ongoing abuse within Nathan’s home life. Social services told her his case would most likely be overlooked, due to his older age. Nathan’s mother, according to Nathan, had some very serious issues in regards to sexual intimacy and boundaries. His father was physically abusive. During a phone call at Erik’s home, Erik had eavesdropped on a conversation between Nathan and his mother. His

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