The Personal Health Record ( Phr )

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The Personal Health Record
Final Project – Essay
Diana Morris
Darton State College

“The personal health record (PHR) is an electronic, lifelong resource of health information needed by individuals to make health decisions.” (Burrington-Brown) Patients manage and control their own information from all healthcare providers and facilities. The PHR is supposed to be in a secure and private place. The patient sets who is allowed to access the PHR. The PHR is only for the patient and possibly correct medical history and not as a legal record. The AHIMA work group came up with the “definition for the personal health record along with attributes, common data elements, HIM roles, consumer education and tools to promote its
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Optimal benefits are gained when all patient information is entered into the system.
The benefits of a personal health record are accurate and complete patient health information, vitals and the knowledge of your own healthcare. Patients could manage disease such as diabetes, blood pressure and more and therefore, provide more information to their providers. The better the communication with your provider the better the outcome. Drug events are a common misconception for those with chronic illness. Correct documentation and communication with the provider or facility could put an end to this. Physicians having documented and personal access to a personal health record can make results and concerns more ongoing instead of episodic, therefore, quicker responses.
A disadvantage would be the lack of education or knowledge for some to take advantage of the personal health record. Education would be deemed necessary for complete accuracy and input of the personal health record. More often this area is forgotten and all aspects could be ruined just for this one issue.
The cost of the personal health record is another antidote. Who should pay the patient or health care providers? Should the cost be shared? Options are out and moving forward shows advantages to providers if it is attached to the electronic health record. Could this be in the works? This is an option still out and being reviewed,
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