The Persuasive Essay : The History Of Diesel Or Gasoline Engines

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Diesel or gasoline; which is better for me? With today’s advances in technology and engineering, the decision is not as easy as one may think. There are several considerations to evaluate and weigh before making the decision to buy a diesel or gasoline powered vehicle. The following essay provides a short history of each while providing key facts to inform a prospective buyer which is better for him or her.
History of the diesel and gasoline engine:
The first diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel in 1893 and officially patented in 1895 #542846 (USPTO, 1895). What is abundantly clear with Diesel’s invention, he did not invent something entirely new, but rather improved on earlier inventions. Pinpointing the “first” gasoline engine is harder since there were many variations of fuel fired combustion engines. For this assignment, I am going to use the engine invented by an American, George Brayton. Brayton patented the first four-stroke, spark plug ignited gasoline engine in 1872 # US 125166 A (USPTO, 1872). There were similar engines during the 1800’s; however, Brayton’s engine is closest to the modern-day passenger car engine we know today.
Diesel and gasoline engine uses:
Due to the specific characteristics of each engine, there are certain applications that each are better suited. For example, the diesel engine produces more torque, runs at lower Revolutions per Minute (RPM), while consuming less fuel than a gasoline engine; which makes it better suited for

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