The Philosophical Issue Of Knowledge

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Title: In this project, the philosophical issue is how do we acquire knowledge? Acquisition of knowledge is a culture that is very important in the day to day life of each individual. The world itself revolves around knowledge, it is through knowledge that we can get to grow as human beings either in or academics, careers and in life at general. Epistemology has been well explained by the well re-known philosophers such as David Hume and Rene Descartes. This paper focuses on a philosophical issue: how we acquire knowledge, the philosophers who explored and talked about it, the concerns available and our present view on the current issue. Knowledge is having information, skills, facts and expertise regarding a particular concern or the world at general that increases the faculty of human beings. Well, in philosophy, Epistemology is the process by which knowledge is acquired. The two philosophers, Hume and Descartes, both have different positions when it comes to this philosophical issue and have different views concerning epistemology but they share in some aspect such as the approaches which were skeptical. It is through them that we have widened our knowledge making philosophy to be just as important as sciences are. David Hume is a philosopher who was rather empiricist in a methodological, explanatory and conceptual way (Stirling, 1999), this made him think that it is only through observation that a theory could be determined and
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