The Philosophy Of Attivity In Phillip Lopate's Writing

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Since the dawn of time humans have been plagued with the philosophy of doubt. Doubt is a difficult concept for humans to embrace and except. However, the concept of doubt is responsible for how humans began to start processing information and knowledge from the world around them. This is when people start processing thoughts, then they start to question about what they see around them. Interesting enough Phillip Lopate’s essay is entirely all about doubt. Lopate emphasizes that doubt is a concept necessary to his writing as it is a stepping stone to begin thought process giving him a topic to write about. Lopate highlights the fact that doubt does not stop action. Lopate stresses the theory to embrace doubt that it does not matter, doubt will always be there no matter your actions. He proclaims the biggest error one can make would be to ignore your doubts. Lopate ends his essay stating; even starts an essay that doubt gives him an out. If he fails to meet expectations, that he already absolved himself even before he began writing. This lets him get on with his essay. Lastly, Lopate’s essay led me to believe he endorses mediocrity as he states that he is happily content with the benefits and liberties that come with lesser anticipations. After reading Lopate’s essay I believe his essays intent was to stimulate a thought process to inspire creative writing. No matter your thoughts just start writing, even with doubt, just write. Lapote points out insecurities a writer faces

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