The Philosophy Of Plato 's Philosophy

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Ethics? Philosophy? What do these two words mean? Living life the right way? Always doing what parents instruct? Some people walk through the motions of life and never fully understand what living is really about—it is more than paying bills, earning an education, and having a family. By definition, philosophy is: “a search for a general understanding of values and reality by chiefly speculative rather than observational means”.1 Humankind has studied philosophy for many years trying to figure out the complex meaning of life, an example being Plato one of the greatest Greek philosophers. Philosophy can be very complicated, but life is a beautiful thing (Thesis statement).
One: His Life
Plato was a Greek philosopher who viewed life on …show more content…

Socrates did this to show them the difference between truth and what they felt to be true; he would help them see the truth despite their ideas possibly being incorrect 9 (Ethics for life, 13). Most of the time people would not be able to stand firm on their beliefs 10(Britannica). This brought hatred toward Socrates. Eventually they tried Socrates, found him guilty of impiety and demeaning the youth, and executed him in 399 BCE. The reason why the Greeks thought Socrates was corrupting the youth is because he said the gods of Greece were unreliable and lacking 11(Ancient). Plato was emotionally affected by the life and death of Socrates. Socrates work influence Plato so much, he surrounded himself with members of Socrates and became a member himself. Plato’s work was generally stated as “Socratic”, because of how similar his work was to Socrates 12(Britannica).
Number two, was the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. Plato served in the Athen’s military for a short time between 409 and 404 B.C. The Spartans won the war, so the Greeks Democracy changed to Spartan Oligarchy (Biography). As time went on, Oligarchy ended and Democracy was restored. Plato was about to take a chance on making a career as a politician, but after Socrates execution in 399 B.C., he turned his life to study philosophy (Biography). Following Socrates death, Plato journeyed for twelve years to Greece, studying mathematics with

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