The Phone On The Table

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The phone on the table began to ring. It said Carlos on the caller ID but it wasn’t his voice who answered.
“Kevin? What are you doing? Why have you got Carlos ' phone?”
“Carlos? Oh yeah, your scientist, I knew I recognised him, I 'm sorry Cecil this isn 't exactly what I wanted to give you for Christmas”
“Kevin, where 's Carlos?”
“He 's dead”

Cecil hung up, he couldn 't deal with Kevin 's lies at the moment, he had a show to do and if Kevin wasn 't going to put Carlos on the phone he wasn 't going to bother trying, they could talk later. He put his phone on silent and began the show. He read from the sheet in front of him in his usual monotone voice, not thinking of anything in particular, the news wasn 't very interesting today.
When he finally switched to the weather, Cecil checked his phone once again. Four new texts from Carlos Kevin:
“Cecil? I think my phone cut you off”
“I 'm not lying Cecil, why would I lie to you?”
“Cecil answer your phone!!!!!!”
“The body 's gone…”
He didn’t believe him, obviously, but the last one struck him as odd, why would Kevin say something like that? It doesn’t make his story any more believable. It just didn’t make any sense. But then again Kevin had never really made any sense to him. He put it out of his mind.

Kevin didn’t text him again, and there was no message from Carlos either. Cecil was only a little worried, his silence was always scary but there could be tons of reasons for it, it had happened before. They had gone 7 days

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