The Physical And Emotional Development

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outdoor play area is also paramount to augment the indoor area. The physical and emotional development is no less important as cognitive development. Children enjoy playing outside; therefore, confining a child to a hospital bed for the duration of his or her recovery would stifle the recovery progress and make a traumatic experience an emotional nightmare. A child that is surrounded by medical equipment in his or her hospital room may develop anxiety and fear that can slow recovery (Arkansas Children’s Hospital, 2016). It must be conveyed to the stakeholders that a natural play area may improve the recovery time of a child suffering from injuries. Children involved in serious injuries may have a sibling that visits him or her in the hospital. The hospital may be just as frightening for the sibling as it is for the injured child. A hospital that has a common outdoor play area could alleviate the emotional stress for the siblings visiting loved ones in the hospital. In fact, stress can be a definitive barrier to wellness and recuperating (Feldman, 2016). A hospital that has an outdoor play area could use this area for young siblings to meet, instead of in a room full of medical equipment. An outside play area for a hospital would have to be planned meticulously for safety concerns. It should not be open to the general public and should only be accessed through the hospital. The play area, weather covered or not, would be sensitive to bad weather and daylight hours;
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