The Physical Education Environment Promote Bullying

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The physical education environment promotes bullying. Children are bullied based on weight bias and poor motor skills. A weight bias occurs when individuals judge others based on their size. This weight-related teasing belittles children’s self-worth and they become more self-conscious. Also, it discourages overweight children to participate in physical activities during class. During exercise, developmental delays are apparent, which include poor motor skills. When bullies identify children with poor motor skills, bullies quickly label those children as being clumsy and awkward. Afterwards, bullies tend to exclude those awkward children from their activities. Bullying instigates a negative effect on the children’s psychological and physical …show more content…

Whether it was being a bystander from afar or laughing along to someone getting bullied, everyone has witnessed some sort of bullying occur. This happens on a daily basis where bullying is associated with intentional hostile behaviors to attack a weaker individual (Wenos, Trick, & Williams, 2014). The physical education environment magnifies bullying based on weight bias and poor motor skills. Bullying takes a toll on the bullies themselves and its victims, but there are means of …show more content…

Children with poor motor skills are seen as being different and it includes delayed turn taking and awkward body language (Bejerot, Plenty, A. Humble, & M. B. Humble, 2013). Since constant movement is required in PE, poor motor skills are more apparent. Bullies notice these awkward children and quickly label them as being clumsy and annoying. When a child is different from the norm, bullies refuse to associate with them and tend to exclude them from their activities. Since motor skill development is observable and poor motor skills are predictive indicators of bully victimization, it is possible to identify children susceptible to bully victimization at an early age and support them (Bejerot et al., 2013). These children can be supported at an early age by being taught to set verbal boundaries and say no. This early support method can help stop bullying behaviors before it becomes more severe. Active resistance against bullying can prevent bullying based on poor motor skills, especially in PE

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