The Pianist : An Astounding Movie Directed By Roman Polanski

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“The Pianist” is an astounding movie directed by Roman Polanski about a Jewish man’s life Wladyslaw Szpilman in Poland when Germany invaded during World War II, portrayed beautifully by Adrien Brody who won an academy award for this remarkable role. This film shows man’s desire to survive, regardless of the odds. It also shows how evil we can be towards each other. Not many movies are able to paint such a vivid picture of life in the ghetto in Warsaw, Poland in the 1930’s during World War II. It is almost impossible to imagine the horrors the Jewish people experienced during the war, but this movie gives a glimpse into it, and how the war affected one man and his family. The invasion of Poland was the beginning of World War II, and there was nothing the polish army could do to stop this massive force, the German Army from advancing and totally occupying the whole country. The Germans had a highly advanced army, with modern weapons, and also the strategic know how to completely overwhelm and alienate the polish army. This essay will discuss the life of Wladyslaw Szpilman before the war and how during a time of peace life was taken for granted. Second, how war brings out the worst in people and that man will do anything to survive even if it means betraying those close to you, and joining the enemy. The lack of food during the war and its significance. Finally, the love of music is universal and it can be used sometimes to bridge a divide, in this case, it saved Szpilman’s

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