The Piano Lesson Summary

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The Piano Lesson opens with a man, Boy Willie, knocking on the door of Doaker and his niece, Berniece, home at 5 a.m. He brings his friend Lymon and they drove up north by Lymon’s truck that was filled with a lot of watermelons. Berniece is Boy Willie’s brother and he has not been back in a while. He then starts to say that the sheriff is following him but they did not do anything. They are trying to sell the watermelons to get money. He got the watermelons for free so he will make a good profit. Berniece is trying to figure out how long the boys will be staying. Boy Willie says he is going to head back down south when they sell the watermelons but Lymon is staying up north. The men gather around the kitchen table while Berniece goes back upstairs. The topic of Wining Boy comes to…show more content…
He was a great carpenter and Sutter would not let him go. His name is Boy Willie and he was the one who carved all the pictures into the piano. He carved his parents, Mama Esther and Boy Charles, and carved their wedding and funerals. This made Miss Ophelia want to p[lay the piano again till she died. Doaker quotes Boy Charles and says, “As long as Sutter hat it…he had us.” (1.2.302) One day Sutter came home and found the piano missing and blamed it on Boy Charles. Someone burned Boy Charles’s house but he was not home. They found out he was in a boxcar and somehow that caught on fire and Boy Charles died. Through this event “The Ghosts of Yellow Dog” became the fire starters and a myth. Doaker is justifying why Berniece is not going to sell the piano. Boy Willie states that his father would be proud of him to own his own land instead on working on someone else’s. Sutter the ghost appears again and this time to Maretha. At this time, Doaker admits that he saw Sutter a few weeks ago and he was sitting on the piano. He says that he has heard the piano being played with no one in the
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