The Piracy Of Music Piracy

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AC8 The Abomination of Music Piracy A new type of theft has had a spike in the recent years, in which the internet has become extremely prominent at this time. This new theft is called “online piracy” This theft occurs when an online user uses a P2P(Peer to peer) website for file sharing, and shares files such as songs or software. This is considered theft due the fact that the files aren’t free, they have a price to them. Music Piracy is an abomination to artistry, and the creation of Art. It must be abolished. According to the Musicmetric Digital Music Index;in 2012, The United States came in the highest in the number of illegal downloads of music with about 96.7 million downloads in the first half of the year. This is a huge …show more content…

If they don’t, then they will not sell enough concert tickets, and then their career is over. So they are more than often willing to give their songs away for free, in hopes that listeners will like their songs, and start to support them. The bigger name, artist however, already have the fame and money, their bigger concern is the mass distribution of their songs for free. That is taking millions of dollars away from the artist for the product that they are making.(US News) This however is not the right way to try and “help” an artist. You should go and watch live performances and judge from that. Even if the artist is a new artist, you are still taking money out of their pockets, as well as the producers and studio workers, who spent countless hours working hard to ensure that a quality product is released. A study has shown that the annual harm to the economy due to music piracy is around $12.5 Billion in losses. as well as more than 70,000 jobs, and $2 Billion in lost wages that were to be paid to the American people.(RIAA) Next, we have the legal aspect of illegal downloads of music. As many of us know Copyright Law vigorously protects the value of creative work. You may recall seeing a disclosure message at the beginning of a film or television show, stating something about an FBI warning about reproduction, or duplication. The exact same laws apply when it comes to

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