The Plight Of Minority Women

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Make sure to elaborate on the victimization of the study LITERATURE REVIEW The Plight Of Minority Battered Women The issues of domestic violence, focusing primarily on black ethnic minority women . To be able to understand the problem of domestic violence, it is vital to recognize that violence toward women is an international reality which has been recognized as a major public health issue (Shipway 2004). According to Shipway 2004, the acknowledgment of domestic violence internationally as a major public health has seen a readjustment in numbers in many areas that are dealing with domestic violence, but there are still some areas where little if anything is done to support women abused by intimate partners. The issues have increased where minority women have been lumped into one category and not considering their different cultural and religious differences. It has been said that obtaining data on African American minority women housing needs is hard. (Netto et al., 2001) reported that there was national evidence that people from the black ethnic minority with including immigrants find it very burdensome to access services. Domestic violence influence women from all ethnic groups, African American women minority, appeared to be isolated more that women from the majority. According to Women’s Aid 2010, there are claims that "African American minority communities may have to conquer religious and cultural pressure resulting in them being afraid of bringing shame onto
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