The Poet With His Face In His Hands Analysis

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In Mary Oliver’s poem “ The Poet with His Face in His Hands” the speaker tells the reader about what she thinks about crying. She says that the world has enough people crying about their lives, and Oliver basically says that she does not have time to listen to your cries, too. Oliver explains what she advises to someone that thinks that they must cry. The first thing that she advises is to go far away from people, and hide behind a waterfall- to act as a sheet to hide their sorrow from the rest of the world. In this setting, she says this is the place where you can scream and go wild, cry as much as you want. Just as long as no one is burdened by your crys. “The Poet with His Face in His Hands” has 3 features that make it especially interesting to me: it is quite gruff and straight to the point, it’s intriguingly descriptive diction that enhances the use of imagery, creating a picture in your mind to last the whole poem. And the message behind the words written on the page, that there are in fact far too many people crying in the world. Oliver’s use of gruff and straight to the point stanzas immediately drew me into the poem because I personally enjoy poems that do not beat around the bush. But rather say exactly what they want to convey, making it easier for the reader to interpret. Oliver states “You want to cry aloud for your / mistakes. But to tell the truth the world / doesn't need any more of that sound” (1-3). In these stanzas, Oliver start off the poem by

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