Poetry Is Not Turning Loose From Emotion, By Sylvia Plath Essay

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Poetry is not turning loose from emotion, rather it is an escape from emotion. It is a chance to be out of your body and express feelings from a third person perspective. Poetry is a surplus of emotion and power that is taken to paper to share with those who can relate. When you have nothing to say or don’t know how to say it – it is poetry. It can be as simple as explaining an ocean set landscape, to as complicated as explaining how you feel from the inside out. Sylvia Plath effectively expresses her complicated emotions in a form that is bizarre to some. Leaving the reader in curiosity, she uses the stroke of a pen to capture the people who can not capture themselves. Sylvia Plath effectively captivates her readers appeal through her poetry by using emotional appeal, powerful language, and profound and developing structure.
Sylvia Plath had a past that represents the type of hell that is unimaginable by a normal mind. Her birth by the seed of her educated parents was on October 27th, 1932. Her relationship with her father never fully developed as he died when she was only eight years old from a complication of diabetes. This death confused her psyche and destroyed her innocence at a young age, further creating a precedent of insanity and depression. Her creativity and ambition for success started with her daily journal that she kept from the age of eleven. As she grew to her teenage she posted her writings in regional magazines and newspapers which

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