The Poetry Of Christina Keats And Christina Rossetti

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The Romantic Period of prose of poetry created a form that promoted the focus on the supernatural, the natural world, and newfound interest in what was once overlooked. Born in different times and with distinct circumstances, both John Keats and Christina Rossetti took to poetry to convey their own ideas, shaped by this revolutionary time. Keats faced the brevity of life much more severely and took on a more grandiose, dramatic form of romantic poetry when compared to Christina Rossetti. However, both had a similar tone in observing the natural world and conveying the emotion that compelled from within. The impact of the Romantic Movement can be felt as one reads through both John Keats and Christina Rossetti. While differences may exist, and their portrayal is a unique experience of one’s own, elements of the great Romantic time permeates through both of these marvelous poets.
As seen throughout the Romantic Period, proper description and visualization of setting served as crucial to the overall feel and overtone for a poem. Keats’ masterful composition of “Bright Star” exemplifies his vivid imagery as a star is described to hang lonely in the night and personified as forever awake with “eternal lids apart”. He dreams of lying on his “fair love’s ripening breast... to hear her tender-taken breath.” Keats’ imagery serves to stir emotion within the reader and relate intangible concepts to those that can be related. His depictions of severe circumstances are filled with

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