The Poetry Of Nikki Giovanni

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Nikki Giovanni, one of the most famous African American poet is widely known through her interesting style in her poetries. Giovanni’s innovative usage of poetic technique of allusion, wide range of imagery, excessive hyperbole and free verse conveys and emphasizes her style and persona as uncontrolled and unrestrained by rules.
In almost all of Giovanni’s poems she highlight the usage of alluding to great aspect of the world in order to emphasize her characteristics and voice of being unrestricted by rules. In “Ego Tripping”, she wrote “I walked to the to the fertile crescent and built the sphinx” and “I sat on the throne drinking nectar with allah”. She said she’s responsible for drinking nectar with allah, and allude herself to allah and
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In example, in “Ego Tripping” she wrote, “My nose giving oil to the arab world”. In addition, she also she wrote “I got hot and sent an ice age to Europe”. This is the poetic technique of hyperbole where she uses exaggeration to highlight her liberated self where she can do all things, and there’s no border. Nikki uses hyperbole to reveal that she’s very influential, powerful and crucial because she’s saying things beyond her abilities. When she said “My nose giving oil to the arab world”, this makes her very important and powerful because oil is very crucial and if she can produce it, this makes her very important as well. Furthermore, being able to “give oil” you must have a lot of abilities beyond what you can do, in which gives her the power to everything because she can support a country with oil. Also, when she wrote “I got hot and sent an ice age to Europe” this gives her and help a her built a very strong and tough image, since being able to sent an ice age to Europe isn’t possible. This is because ice age only happens due to natural forces, however “sending” and ice age to Europe makes her supreme because she’s boasting about herself to make her confidence by saying she’s needed just like how nature is needed for all living things to go right. The hyperbole way beyond her ability evokes the idea…show more content…
In “The Beep Beep Poem”, her structure of the poem is freely organized and she indents when she wants to. As well as in the “Kidnap Poem”, even when she didn’t finish the word she still moves to the next line. Despite didn’t fully finish writing the word, she wrote part of the word “kidnap” being “kid” in one sentence, then “nap” in the next. This technique of using free verse creates a unique arrangement of language. There are no two poems written by Giovanni that looks identical or the same, she always has a different twist and arrangement to each one which makes it special. As well as proves that there are unlimited patterns she can form in her mind, in which talks to the idea of her style being very free and uncontrolled. Furthermore, using free verse built a different structure in every poem making all of her poem different and unique in its own way just like who she is. Free verse allows the lines in the poem to fade away between long and short lines. This gives the reader a conversational writing style that she’s sharing with them.This usage of poetic features where every poems and lines is arranged differently reinforce how she’s uncontrolled and isn’t restricted to any rules, she doesn’t follow a single pattern in which emphasize her
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